Featured Member: Everett Engineering

Located in Everett, Washington TPM Member Since August 2021

Everett Engineering, Inc. can be reached at:
PO Box 12100, 25 Marine View Drive, Everett, WA 98201
Phone 425-259-3117 https://www.everettengineering.com/

When a huge piece of machinery needs repair or re-tooling, who do you call? Everett Engineering is the call you’ll want to make and to take advantage of their unlimited ingenuity!

In 1968 Dan Martin was an employee at an Everett, WA repair machine shop that was closing its doors. He, along with Dick Eitel (Fishermen’s Boat Shop, Inc.), recognized that there was an opportunity and a need for a reliable repair shop. They partnered together to open Everett Engineering, Inc. in October 1968. Starting as a two-man operation in a 2,400 square foot facility they established a productive machining company. The company has grown steadily over the last 50 years! The company boasts that their hardworking crew has over 600 years of combined experience machining and innovating for their clients.

Over the years Everett Engineering, Inc. has taken on many complex projects. The pictures showcase the diversity of the type of work and capabilities of its crew!
This lifting device was designed and built to pick up and move or place an 80-foot section of assembled railroad track and be operated remotely from the cab of the crane.

Everett Engineering is a full spectrum, custom machine and fabrication facility based on the Everett Washington waterfront, serving a wide array of industries such as: marine, manufacturing, railroad, construction, governmental agencies, lumber and pulp mills, power & generating facilities, refineries, transportation, consulting engineers, aerospace tooling, and more.

  • All types heavy equipment repairs and manufacturing
  • Design and build specialized equipment for all industries
  • Winch and hoist fabrication and repair
  • Large hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacture
  • Large (high tonnage) hydraulic press design manufacture and repair
  • Large, heavy structural fabrication
  • Moveable bridge and turntable machinery rebuilds and repairs
  • Complete field welding and machining capabilities
  • ASME “R” & “S” Stamp, WABO, AWSD1.1, & D1.5 Certified Welders
  • ABS Certified propulsion shaft repair welding and cladding (Grade 2 & Grade 4C)
  • AISC Certified Shop – American Institute of Steel Construction

The company’s in-shop capabilities are extensive! Everett Engineering is located on almost five acres and has close to 80,000 square feet of building space.

This platform is designed to pitch, roll and yaw to about 3 degrees in all directions to simulate aircraft movement in order to test the locking mechanisms of the cargo storage containers. This was designed, fabricated and installed on the customer’s premises. A similar one was made that all of the pieces were able to be brought in through a man-door for installation.
Propeller Shaft Repairs up to 55’

The machine and fabrication shop is over 27,000 square feet including the mezzanine, mill room and mechanics shop. The building houses manual lathes, mills, and welding equipment. The shop is equipped with four overhead bridge cranes from 5 Ton to 20 Ton that span the shop, and additional jib boom cranes to assist with smaller lifting jobs.

The die lifter is used to pick up the press dies in the facility and be able to separate the two halves for cleaning and inspection. This unit is not only a lifting device, but will also turn the top half of the die over once it is in the air.

The CNC room contains the majority of the CNC mills and lathes, as well as large diameter gear cutting capacity.

There is also a warehouse containing stock materials, a CNC gantry mill, field equipment and tooling, material cutting stations, plus floor space for assembling large fabrications.
These projects have included, but are not limited to:

  • Modify and/or rebuild large marine towing winches, anchor winches, and level winds
  • Large prop shaft and rudder repairs/modifications
  • Manufacture unloading ramps, docks, and conveyors
  • Manufacture and retrofit replacement bridge operating machinery for moveable bridges and turntables
  • Manufacture mechanized door/work platforms
  • Design and manufacture large pipe handling equipment for tunnel installation
  • Certified load testing
  • Crane boom, repair and fabrication
  • Design, build, and repair custom material manufacturing and processing equipment
  • Design and manufacture 1,000-ton and 1,500-ton lead extrusion presses
  • Rebuild rock crushers
  • Design, manufacture and rebuild parts for various ventilation fans
This automated sorting rack system is designed to feed material to a press for composite material manufacturing.
Everett Engineering redesigned and fabricated the wheel carriers for this railroad turntable and helped install it.