From the President . . .

Adam Molenda

As we approach the end of another year, TPM staff would like to remind everyone about all the services available to our membership, including Legal Consultation, Human Resources, Training, and Safety which are vital to the success of any organization and culture. As a TPM partner through your Association Membership, we hope you have taken advantage of some of the services to assist in your business success.

We also want to remind people about TPM’s Training and Safety Program development. We are currently working with OSHA through two grants to provide training on “Extreme Temperatures” and “COVID-19.” If you are still in need of training to compliment your annual requirements please contact us to assist you.

Overall, we hope you are utilizing your TPM membership services. Most of the services are covered by your membership dues so if you are not using them, we hope you will start today. We are here to serve the TPM membership and bring you value. Let us partner with you to bring success.