Featured Member: Vaagen Media

Vaagen Media can be reached at:
216 C Schumaker Road, Colville, WA 99114
Phone 509.317.6774 https://vaagenmedia.com/

Vaagen Media is proud to be a new member of the TPM family. They are a media and marketing firm based in Colville, Washington. They produce video, photography and graphic ads for social media marketing. The media company is proud to be affiliated with the Vaagen name and to serve the timber industry.

Vaagen Media is happy to offer all TPM members a complimentary consultation on their current marketing and what social media can do for them.
Please reach out anytime or visit their web page at

Vaagen Media has done business in the past as Bend & Sway, recently rebranded to Vaagen Media to closer align with its parent company Vaagen Timbers and their core customers. Company Founder, Russ Vaagen, began the media company in response to his own needs as the owner of a growing business. Russ found that many companies had complex and intriguing stories to tell, but lacked the staff and time to focus on in-house marketing efforts. Buying professionally produced media is expensive and leaves the burden of managing the content to the business. This is where Vaagen Media fits in.

Highlighting your business is the goal of Vaagen Media.
Using all of the technology of today, including drone coverage.

Vaagen Media’s mission is to help its clients strategically master the world of social media marketing. One of the first issues addressed is the need for quality video content. Videos are up to 88% more effective at reaching target audiences. Vaagen Media has in-house videographers and editors that produce stunning video content showing your brand to the world. Clients often comment on how easy and comfortable it is to work with Vaagen Media, and how the filming process is so professional.

They are also experts in photography to back up the video content. While every client receives a minimum of one video per month, the photos and graphic art posts provide for content in between the videos. This solves another fundamental need in social media marketing, consistency.

Asking the right questions can help get your company noticed.

Consistency in marketing is an essential ingredient to building a successful online presence. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of handling social media in-house. Often before working with Vaagen Media, clients have recognized the need for social media posts and gone through some spurts of production. But all too often regular posting falls through the cracks as team members respond to their other duties. Vaagen Media produces and schedules posts 60 days in advance, they take on the chore and responsibility, so that your staff members are free to do their jobs.

Masters of video and photography, the Vaagen Media Team can enhance your social media presence with professional, compelling, results.

When building strategy with a client, they start with the client’s goals.
The prepared media can be used to achieve many different outcomes. One example is recruiting. Vaagen Media has helped its clients grow their business by growing their team. It can be challenging to find good applicants, but a strong social media recruiting campaign can let the target audience see the client’s story and feel a connection to its mission. Another strategy Vaagen Media has utilized is to educate the public regarding steps that have been taken towards sustainability and stewardship of the timber industry.

Social media has quickly become the least expensive and most effective way to reach targeted audiences. Today’s consumers are more trusting of ads seen on social media than traditional advertising and periodicals. Social posts allow for a two way conversation and give consumers a voice to be heard through comments, likes, or shares. The power of this public voice is a huge driver to meet marketing goals.

Vaagen Media’s core services are built around monthly service packages that include all the media production, a specified number of weekly posts, on a set number of platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. They handle all of the posting and provide you with monthly performance analytics. The packages are based on each clients needs and priced accordingly into one monthly recurring amount. The result is professionally produced and managed social media that takes up virtually none of you or your team’s time.

Vaagen Media is happy to offer all TPM members a complimentary consultation on their current marketing and what social media can do for them.

Please reach out anytime or visit their web page at http://www.vaagenmedia.com.