WA – Job Postings Require Salary Info in 2023

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed a bill amending the Equal Pay Opportunity Act. Now, beginning January 1, 2023, employers with 15 or more employees will be required to post salary and benefits in all job postings.

Who it impacts: All employers with 15 or more employees.
What is changing: The Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act is being amended to require employers to disclose the wage scale or salary range in all job postings.
When it takes effect: January 1, 2023

Employer Responsibilities

Employers must disclose in each job posting the wage scale or salary range for each open position, and a general description of other compensation and benefits to be offered to the hired applicant.

“Posting” includes:

  • any solicitation intended to recruit job applicants for an available position
  • recruitment done directly by employer
  • recruitment done indirectly through a third party
  • any postings done electronically or in printed hard copy that includes qualifications for desired applicants.

Other provisions of the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act:

  • Equal pay for equal work, not based on gender.
  • Equal advancement opportunities, not based on gender.
  • Prohibition against asking job applicants for past salary history.
  • Prohibition against salary secrecy (employees can disclose salaries to each other).