Reasonable Accommodation Guidance

As a supervisor, what do I do when I suspect that an employee has a mental health condition and needs help, but hasn’t disclosed a disability?

One of the best ways to handle this situation is to have a full and open conversation with the employee, sharing information about whatever issues you have noticed. You can ask the employee how you can help address the issues, but you may want to refrain from using terms such as disability, medical condition, or reasonable accommodations unless the employee discloses a disability. An accurate assessment of the employee’s performance or conduct may alert the employee that their disability is contributing to the problem and that in turn may lead the employee to request an accommodation.

If an employee states that their disability is the cause of the current issues, but does not ask for a specific accommodation, you can enter into the interactive process or refer the employee on to the proper person(s) who handles the process.

If the employee does not indicate that a disability is the cause of the issues you brought to their attention, you can continue the conversation, apply your usual policies, and ask again how you can help the employee at this time.