TPM Survey Report – Bonuses and Incentives

During the 2022 Member Trends and Concerns Survey, one of the questions focused on what companies are doing to incentivize employee retention. TPM received 76 responses to this topic, below are the results:

Did you implement any of the following bonus or incentives over the past two years?

Responses listed under other:
• Bonus if employee stays over the one year mark.
• Company profits.
• PTO increased by 40 hours for all staff.
• Production bonus.
• Gift cards and gas cards.
• New profit sharing plan.
• Winter bonus.
• 401k match program introduced.
• Employer paid healthcare introduced.
• Made current bonus structures more achievable.
• Performance bonuses.
• Shift bonuses.
• Gainsharing.
• Safe work bonus.
• End of year bonus.
• New Per Diem policy.
• Vaccine incentive.
• Larger end of year bonus to all employees.