Featured Member: Superior Fruit Equipment

Superior Fruit Equipment operates a 35,000 square foot facility in East Wenatchee, Washington.
Superior Fruit Equipment is located in the heart of fruit country and is sold throughout the world.

Superior Fruit Equipment (SFE) was founded in 1995 in Wenatchee, WA, the heart of the fruit growing region of the Pacific Northwest. At their founding, they took over the manufacturing of three of the most well-known and respected brands in the professional tree fruit industry: Hickok Pruning Tools* (established in 1928), Vaca Shears* (established in 1912), and Wells & Wade Harvest Equipment (established in 1922). Recently, SFE acquired Fanno Saw Works (established in 1920), a 100-year-old company that produces high-quality pruning saws.

Vaca and Hickok shears and loppers are made by hand and technology in the USA.

Jeff Martin, President/Owner of Superior Fruit Equipment said, “Adding Fanno Saw, a 100-year-old company, to Superior’s three 100-year-old brands is a perfect fit for all.” SFE has distributed Fanno Saws for nearly 30 years, and has full knowledge of the product line and will continue to build on the success and quality of the Fanno name.

High quality materials and precision craftsmanship are the center focus of all manufacturing.

Today the company operates in a 35,000 square foot building in East Wenatchee. With their location in the heart of fruit country they have nearly instant access to feedback from those who use their tools. SFE works closely with its distributors to better understand and react to their customers’ needs. Using distributors (exceptions are made when we do not have a distributor in the area) allows customers to have local access to product, repair parts, and service when needed. SFE concentrates its efforts on taking care of the distributors.

Final inspection and packing of Hickok loppers.

SFE products are sold through distributors to dealers located in the various fruit growing regions of the world. The company is not structured to mass produce lower quality products to compete in discount stores. SFE products are only available from those sources that offer the finest quality merchandise for the discriminating buyer. In addition to manufacturing and distributing Hickok Loppers, Vaca Shears, Wells & Wade Harvest Equipment, and Fanno Saws, they also distribute professional orchard, tree, and vine care products from ARS tools, Manzana Clippers, Vesco Pruning Tools, and Antonini Knives.

Hand pruners are a standard tool in fruit production, and like all tools you want one that will last.

SFE proudly manufactures its loppers in the USA. The picking bags and buckets are manufactured both in the USA and in Taiwan. SFE utilizes the latest technology to manufacture the highest quality tools from the finest materials available. SFE maintains all replacement parts that are readily available to extend the life of the tools.

Superior Fruit Equipment, made in the USA, and each piece is lasered as such.

SFE is proud of the equipment that they manufacture and warranties to the original purchaser that the products SFE manufactures and sells are free from defects in material and workmanship for the useful life of the specific tool. Normal wear or incidental damage to the tool from use or maintenance are not covered.

To find out more about this company, check out their webpage and videos at https://www.sfequip.com/videos/.

Superior Fruit Equipment has taken over the manufacturing of Fanno Saws.