From the President . . .

Adam Molenda

The recent heat wave reminds us all that we need to provide Extreme Heat Training to our employees, especially if they are working in an outdoor environment.

TPM can provide Extreme Heat training to your employees. We are happy to come onsite and conduct training when it is convenient for your company. This OSHA approved training is funded through a Susan Harwood OSHA Grant. As a benefit to TPM members, we can combine multiple trainings in one visit to suit the needs of your business.

The heat could continue for some time, so preparing employees for these extreme conditions is important for their safety.

As a member of TPM we are always happy to assist you in any way possible. Please contact the TPM office to get your training scheduled.

TPM has scheduled a nationally recognized speaker, Anna Liotta, for a presentation on December 9, 2022 in conjunction with the TPM quarterly meetings to be held in Spokane, Washington. Ms. Liotta, founder of the Generational Institute and bestselling author of “Unlocking Generational Codes”, is an award-winning speaker, business consultant and author.

Anna is one of the worlds most highly sought after leaders on generational leadership, sales and customer service. She has worked with companies such as Amazon, Bloomberg, WFF, Coca Cola, Red Robin, Microsoft, and the NBA. Most recently she was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

During her presentation she will help all of us understand the common generational issues leaders face as well as the best ways to address them:

  • Understand the different generations
  • Challenges working/leading across generations
  • Common generational changes and how to prepare for their changes

If you are interested in attending the speaking event please contact:
Allyssa Shideler (