Featured Member: Beck Cabinet Company, Inc.

Beck Cabinet Company, Inc. can be reached at:
3427 Industrial Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815
208.664.0892 http://beckcabinet.com/

TPM Member Since June 2000

Beck Cabinet Company, Inc., is an established commercial casework company that has survived through difficult times. The trust Beck Cabinet has built with its customer base has ensured repeat business and its preferred status.

Left – Noah Hawkins Vice President of Operations;
Center – Terry Gibson President;
Right – Trevor Ingram, Vice President of Development.

Beck Cabinet produces high quality millwork installations to ensure the products will perform over the entire lifetime of use. The ability to produce high quality casework, out of a large variety of materials, is a mark of craftsmanship that surpasses the local discount stores.

The solid wood required engineering to ensure seams were as hidden as possible, while maintaining the longest run of uncut material being used.

Commercial casework is a manufactured, box-shaped assembly used for display or storage. Modular casework is composed of freestanding units that are not attached to the building structure; examples include floor- and wall-mounted casework. Casework is commonly installed in banks, hotels, residences, schools, libraries, laboratories, hospitals, churches, and offices.

Beck Cabinets are manufactured from metal, wood, and plastic, and are assembled using a structural skeleton frame. The rectangular or box-shaped skeleton frame can have a face frame or be frameless. Other options are an exposed exterior, semi-exposed interior, and concealed surface. Customers benefit from the company’s wide range of capabilities.

At Keller Williams CDA, the custom desk has multiple outward angles that made the engineering and fabrication challenging.

Beck Cabinet is able to produce casework for renovations, remodels, and new construction, giving the company a competitive edge. Beck Cabinet Company is an expert on the custom end of the casework industry. Its refusal for the sub-par has really made them a preferred company on many projects.

Beck Cabinet’s services include ship-to-site delivery, field installation, repair, and on-site modification. All of these services and products can be included into a bid to provide a complete project package. The company has a wide range of capabilities and can produce work for renovations, remodels and new construction.

The solid wood banister, support beam trim, and railings were all custom stained and cut to fit.

The team enjoys meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations. The dedicated estimating team provides an accurate estimate of the projected costs. Communication is vital to the team. The project management team is the line of communication for the drafting team. The active communication allows the manager to provide accurate schedule dates of delivery and updates throughout the project.

Lakes Middle School remodel included installing casework on weekends and after hours to make sure this project came together for the district.

Since 1982, Beck Cabinet Company has entrusted its custom millwork fabrications to some of the northwest’s finest carpenters and interior finish woodworkers. The unmatched quality is accomplished through rigorous attention to detail. Most of the high-end custom woodwork is still handcrafted using tried and true techniques that have survived the ages of time. Although designs and trends continue to evolve, the desire for quality never goes out of style.

PIPL in Post Falls, Idaho required unconventional finishes, the project required a sealed plywood as a finish. Edges were treated and required breaking all edges and removing any rough surfaces.
Using reclaimed wood can create issues between reclaimed and new wood, but a layout on the floor first, made the project a success.
The Red Lion Hotel Bar and Lobby remodel was a challenge. Every area had a different feel that was made possible by different colors, materials, and finishes.