From the President . . .

Adam Molenda

The year is blowing by once again. School is back in session for most everyone and the holiday season is just around the corner. For most of us, in between those times are the mid-term elections. We get to hear about them on commercials as well as see the candidates’ campaign signs on every street corner.

Now is a great time for everyone to get to know the candidates, and their importance on the political stage. We need to understand the candidates’ positions. Help educate your employees and encourage everyone to get out and vote. Whether by pay check stuffer, in-service, or just a reminder in the break room, this could be a very important election for all of us.

The issues are large and many. We need people in office who will represent all of our best interests in the wood products industry. We hope that all TPM members will be out on the campaign trail and promote voting. Voting does matter!

TPM’s Political Action Committee has funds available to assist state candidates who support the wood products industry. As a TPM Member, if you have recommendations about candidates who TPM should consider supporting, please email me at