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Internal Form I-9 Audits

Form I-9 has proven to be tricky to properly complete and maintain over the duration of a worker’s employment.

With multiple technical questions, signature lines and information sections – it is easy to have incorrect Form I-9s that could lead to monetary penalties for a company in the event of an audit from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

For 1-9 paperwork violations in 2022, the penalties range from $252 to $2,507 for the first offense for substantive violations or uncorrected technical errors.

As ICE looks to update the form and make expansive changes including virtual review of documents, now is a great time to have TPM help you check in on your I-9s and look for any issues or errors.

6 Common I-9 Errors found during Audits

  1. I-9s are missing.
  2. Employee personal information is not complete.
  3. Accepting fraudulent documents.
  4. Employee signature is missing.
  5. Making corrections without initialing and dating them.
  6. Employer certification not completed within three days of date of hire.