Three Managerial Ideas for Increased Morale

SMALL PERKS – Creative strategies that go beyond money and benefits can be employed to attract and retain employees. Small perks such as breakfast and company culture building opportunities can go a long way. You can also use contests and incentives such as work-life balance, health and safety and wellness programs to help keep workers motivated and feeling rewarded.

OPEN COMMUNICATION – Poor workplace communication leads to confusion, conflict, and low employee morale. But when an organization clearly communicates up and down the chain, that all changes. Open communication helps eliminate negativity and shifts people’s attitudes to one of cooperation and mutual respect. A few methods used to promote open communication is to hold regular meetings for employee questions, have open-door policies and ensure that you communicate your business’ mission and values.

MONETARY REWARDS – These motivate employees to perform at their best and strive to achieve both company and individual goals. Company owners and managers should make sure that rewards are achievable and that product quality is not sacrificed. These monetary awards come in the form of bonuses, anniversary awards and salary increases. Salary increases are not always the best method, so make sure raises are meaningful by giving those who deserve them raises that reflect the work put in.