Member Services Spotlight – EAP

Human Resource Audits

Human resources is a complex and broad department when you consider all the pieces of
this area of your business – following employment laws, filling out correct required legal paperwork for new hires, training and development, safety, document upkeep and personnel files, salary & benefits, recruitment & hiring, etc.

TPM offers an all-encompassing on-site and/or virtual HR review for your company to ensure that you are following state and federal laws, implementing best practices and accounting for all the nuances of employing workers.

If your company is looking to update HR policies and do an internal audit of HR systems, TPM is here to guide you through the process. TPM provides you with the support, guidance and recommendation you need to keep your human resource department legally compliant and your employees well taken care of.

For additional information, or to schedule an audit, contact Latitia Estrada at