The Washington CARES ACT is Back

WA Mandatory Long-Term Care Fund

Washington State is the first in the nation to develop a mandated long-term care program that will be funded by payroll taxes. The state has dubbed the WA Cares Fund as a “new earned benefit to ensure working Washingtonians can access long-term care when they need it.”

Newly published toolkit now available

The state has designed a new toolkit ( to help you prepare your employees for the launch of the WA Cares Fund in July 2023. Your workers may reach out to you with a range of questions, and this toolkit equips you with the answers.

The toolkit contains information you can include in staff messages each month between now and July. It also includes graphics, videos, FAQs and even a calendar that recommends how and when to use the materials.

How the Program Works:

  • Contributions: Washington workers will pay up to $0.58 per $100 of earnings. Every employee contributes – employers do not.
  • Benefits: Starting in July 2026, each person who is eligible to receive the benefit can access care costing up to $36,500 (adjusted annually for inflation) over their lifetime.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible to receive the benefit, you must meet contribution requirements and need help with activities of daily living.
  • Self-Employed: If you’re self-employed, you can choose to opt in and protect yourself with affordable WA Cares Fund benefits.