Best Practices Mounting Tires

On April 9, 2023, an employee died while mounting off road truck tires on rims. The employer was in the process of mounting a tire on its rim when another tire’s outer lock ring dislodged, became airborne and struck the victim in the head.

Best Practices:

  • Use a tire safety cage (or other tire restraint device) when inflating a truck tire that is not on the truck. Stand away from the inflating tire and out of the wheel and air blast trajectory during the inflation process.
  • Check tires and rims for damage and defects before performing work.
  • Before repairing tires, completely deflate the tires by removing the valve core and checking the valve stem to make sure it’s clear.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s procedures and make sure tire and rim components are compatible.
  • Train employees who service tire and rim components.