Featured Member: Mid Oregon Personnel Services, Inc.

TPM Member Since January 1986
Mid Oregon Personnel Services, Inc. can be reached at:
187 NW 2nd Street, Prineville, Oregon 97754
541-447-1299 https://www.midoregonpersonnel.com

As a professional Staffing and Human Resource Company in Central Oregon for 39 years, Mid Oregon Personnel Services, Inc. (Mid Oregon Personnel) sees good reason for job seekers to have optimism and the confidence to live and work in Central Oregon. There are many opportunities for employment.

Greg and Sam Lambert are two individuals for whom honesty and integrity are a way of life and prime reasons why Mid Oregon Personnel has been in business for 39 years. They set a high standard not only for themselves and their staff, but also for their clients and applicants. You can rest assured that when Mid Oregon Personnel is on the job, it will get done and it will get done well.

Mid Oregon Personnel builds a customized service plan for each one of its clients – each client is unique with different strengths and needs. Mid Oregon Personnel works diligently to match the right person with each client company’s individual culture. Greg Lambert, President of Mid Oregon Personnel said, “Our clients entrust our team with the employment side of their business; our applicants trust Mid Oregon Personnel to find good jobs that provide stability for them – we take this very seriously.”

The Prineville office from left to right: Steve Peeler, DeAnn Cox, Greg Lambert, Courtney Michel, Bobbie Highsmith and in front, Rolly.

Mid Oregon Personnel insists on filling job requests with the right person, and as a result, their clients enjoy a higher retention rate than is typical for the staffing industry. This saves their clients the expense that comes from hiring the wrong people.

Mid Oregon Personnel has built its long-standing reputation on relationships. They focus on conversational, applicant interviews giving them a better idea of who the applicant really is, and which of their clients would be the best fit. Greg said, “We like to use a shoe analogy: We don’t have a shoe that you have to try and fit into; we work hard to find the best fit for you—whether you’re an employer or someone seeking employment.”

Their history began in 1984, when Founder and President Greg Lambert, partnered with Ford Dunton in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho who owned a staffing company and was looking for someone to open an office in Central Oregon. Lambert opened the Prineville branch and a few years later purchased it. Sixteen years later, Greg’s son Sam joined the Bend office, kicking off a great working relationship to complement their already strong father-son relationship.

The Prineville office from left to right: Steve Peeler, DeAnn Cox, Greg Lambert, Courtney Michel, Bobbie Highsmith and in front, Rolly.

Sam is now the Vice President and manages most of the day-to-day operations. Mid Oregon Personnel has offices in Prineville, Bend, Redmond, and Madras.

Mid Oregon Personnel has consistently been the largest supplier of manufacturing employees in Central Oregon. They also provide their clients with administrative, clerical, professional, and seasonal people with the same high-quality services their manufacturing clients have always known. If an Oregon Company has a position to fill, Mid Oregon can help find the right person.

The Redmond office is staffed by Nick Kessel and Adrian Gassner.

Breaking new ground: Mid Oregon Personnel is an innovator in the human resource marketplace, with a unique new product designed to improve employee retention for employers with more than 50 employees and a solid benefits program. Mid Oregon Personnel’s large employer retention solution is especially beneficial for those employers with a large number of veterans. We currently offer this new program in Montana and Oregon. Idaho and Washington may be next.

At the office in Bend, everything is smiles: Sam Lambert, Daniel Witty, Maddie Milner

Expectations Grow Good Employees

The Power of Exceptional Employment (excerpt) by Kyle O’Campo

… While any field has its entry-level wages, business owners with high expectations typically see dedicated go-getters with good work ethics as worth their pay and will reward hard work and dedication. For those willing to rise to the level of those expectations, the future can be bright.

A good work ethic (still) matters…and it has a direct relationship to your earning potential. You see, savvy business owners understand that employee turnover is much more expensive and time-consuming than investing in the right people for the job. Be the right person, and you will advance.

Training and Education go a long way. America is still a country where one can change their “lot” in life through hard work, study, and determination. Ours is a nation of people who build their own names, forge their own futures. Many careers are built in steps, with jobs along the journey that can give you valuable experience. Often that means starting with an entry-level position that either develops via promotion or sets a foundation for new opportunities. Mid Oregon Personnel helps real people develop their skills and experience so they can find a satisfying and sustainable career. It’s our job to help jobseekers rise to the level of their own expectations, and the expectations employers have for solid, dedicated staff.

Writer Ralph Marston said, “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality.”