Insights: Six Tips For Managing Stress

Consider our physical health, where we get sick or sustain an injury and are forced to slow down. Our mental health fluctuates similarly in response to our circumstances, driving us toward either side of the mental health spectrum. And just like our physical health, we can do things that make us mentally healthier. In fact,…More

Support the TPM PAC

TPM PAC CONTRIBUTION ELECTION INFORMATIONDo you want to support state office candidates who will work with TPM to promote legislative initiatives that are important to our Company and Association?To make a one-time contribution or to make a monthly contribution, please call Jolene at 509-535-4646 or by email to

From the President . . .

The TPM Board of Directors is looking forward to its June 16th meeting being held in conjunction with the 18th Annual Golf Tournament. Playing a round at the Circling Raven Golf Course is a great way to wrap up the business meetings and, proceeds from the golf tournament support the TPM Scholarship Fund. TPM is…More