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“The exceptional team at TPM is truly committed and supportive of their client members. This is an organization where everyone knows your name, and their mission supports the well-being of your business and your employees.” Kristen Heck, LC Staffing

“The relationships established with other Board Members, Trustees and staff have been invaluable. It is a wonderful experience to be part of the TPM Family.” Andy Tomlinson, Atlas Products

About Valuable TPM Services, “Over
the years, employer/employee relations and legal advice as it pertains to Montana employment law would be first. Safety/OSHA concerns would be second.” Rick Molenda, Western Bee Supplies


As a leader in business for the wood products industry, TPM excels in to providing business management solutions, employee benefits and optimizing relationships in all its contacts. TPM is synonymous with professionalism, integrity, education and quality service, and its professional staff is equipped with the necessary tools to provide the highest quality of services to those it is privileged to serve.

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TPM is an association of wood products companies that join together for business benefits and top rate consultation services.

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